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Disney films have the ability to transport spectators on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings, from happy to sad, hilarious to empathetic. As a major lover of Disney animated films, I’ve seen a lot of them, and I’ve noticed that sad parts stick with me more than happy ones.

Do you know what motivates us most of the time? Is it the result of a miscommunication, a split, a loss, or even death? All of these scenarios can be seen in any Disney animated film. Even if the sorrowful sections are only a few minutes long, they can be the most impactful and memorable parts of the film. As a result, in this essay, I’d like to share with you some of Walt Disney’s most dramatic and affecting passages from a series of animated films.

#1 The Lion King – Mufasa’s death

#2 Dumbo – Dumbo visits his mother in jail

#3 Onward – final battle scene

#4 Coco – “Remember me” song

#5 Up – Ellie’s death

#6 Inside Out – when Riley runs away

#7 Finding Nemo – emotionally devastating opening scene

#8 Maleficent – loses her wings because of her loved one

#9 Monsters – Sully saying goodbye to Boo

#10 Toy Story 2 – Jessie’s backstory

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