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Encanto has become one of the most popular animated films of all time. With its catchy melodies, beautiful animation, and sympathetic plot story of a girl with no special powers in her unusual family, the film appealed to both young and adult audiences.

In addition, the video introduces Colombian culture, including tradition, dance, music, and clothing. Colombia contains around 60 languages and about 90 ethnic communities. Because of these factors, all of the individuals in the film are presented differently, even though they are related, and each of them has a significant impact on the others.

The unique aspect of this film is that the filmmakers did not leave any characters out. Everything about them is flawless, from their physical look to their demeanour and abilities. All of them have the potential to become audience favourites. Here are a few of Mirabel’s cousins’ intriguing tumble posts. Continue reading for more information.

#1 The animals told Antonio everything he needed to know about Bruno.

#2 Mirabel’s importance to Antonio

#3 Dolores could hear everything happening inside the walls

#4 A good relationship between Isabela and Dolores

#5 Dolores is unable to distinguish the distance at which she hears sounds.

#6 Dolores associates everyone with a specific sound

#7 Antonio’s power is attracting animals

#8 This would have been a mess to cover-up

#9 Camilo make friends with all the rats

#10 Camilo wrote his own Wiki page

#11 Antonio believed whatever Mirabel tells him

#12 Camilo shows concern for her little brother

#13 Encanto succeeds at representing Afro-Latino families.

#14 It’s always interesting to see the process and ideas behind scenes, as well as the characters

#15 This is painful

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