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A mother’s day is full of surprises and experiences. Marie About Parenthood is a series of comics that proves this point. Maria, their designer, lives in Russia with her two little girls, ages 2 and 4. Each of her paintings is full of humour and self-irony while depicting the melancholy reality of family life.

We believe it’s safe to assume that many of our readers with families have faced comparable challenges. Take a look at it for yourself.

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“I was type 2, especially when I was pregnant with my second child.”

“Children grow up so fast. But your eldest child grows up the moment you have a new baby.”

“I hope you have a chance to take a proper vacation at some point.”

“I believe all mothers have done, are doing, and will continue to do so. Your kids, on the other hand, won’t eat too much candy.”

You can’t see my face because I’m so delighted, darling.”

The season of ‘let’s go home because I can’t feel my feet’ has arrived.”

It’s getting tougher to kiss my little bun all over the place as she gets older. I can’t get enough hugs with her since she’s gotten so serious.”

When you just have 2 seconds to select what’s more essential to you”

We have a combination — dad puts on a sock while mom puts on a boot. I won’t be telling you how we share responsibilities while wiping the kid’s butt.”

It’s hilarious to see your child comfortably talking on the phone while strolling around the room.”

Really, I’d like to give up coffee! But, as of now, I’m not aware of any other technique to ‘wake up’ in the morning and retain my stamina throughout the day.

The colour of your lips is a good indicator. If your youngsters sit in cold water for an extended period of time, they may become purple.”

Cleaning is a real test for me

This is the way I feel

If you let me sleep a couple of hours longer in the morning, I’ll kiss the entire world.

Bonus: Every mom has a dream — let it be fulfilled

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