20 Delightful Dog Comics to Help You Get Rid of Your Blues

Hey Buddy Comics is a well-known webcomic series produced by artist K. as a tribute to all dogs all over the world. Since he was a small puppy, he has been writing short dialogues about his dog.

When asked how the idea for this webcomic series came to him, he explained, “The deep love I had for this animal I couldn’t talk with inspired me to imagine the conversations we’d have if I could.” And that’s how it all began.

Scroll down to see these touching dog comics that will make you feel out of this dimension..

Image Source : heybuddycomics






Recently, I’ve found that the overwhelming amount of material I’ve written has the potential to really engage others. The dialogues did not seem to be enjoyable in text format, which irritated us. They should have been brought to life with the same vigour and vitality as my true canine companions.






That’s why we wanted to turn it into an example with a healthy dialogue blend. The good news is that our plan succeeded because people enjoyed our comics. It is really relatable to them.






The artist has a 227K-follower Instagram account. With – passing day, the number of people is rising.