20 Laugh-Out-Loud Egyptian Comics Tut Comics (Tut Comics)

Have you ever imagined what life was like in ancient Egypt? Tut Comics, on the other hand, will demonstrate this with a humorous twist.

Tut Comics creates humorous and amusing drawings of characters from ancient Egypt interacting with Gods such as Ra, Bastet, Anubis, and others. The characters go on several adventures as a group.The writer uses many contemporary themes in their stories, making the comics very relatable. Tut Comics also teaches some interesting and little-known information about Egyptian culture, history, and traditions.

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Many well-known deities appear in these comics. Ra, the God of the Sun, Order, Kings, and the Sky, was thought to be the all-powerful ruler. He is depicted as having the head of a falcon.

Anubis, the jackal-headed God, oversaw the embalming process and accompanied the deceased to the afterlife. Anubis often used a scale of hearts on one side to see whether the heart was heavier than a feather. The soul would not go to the Field of Reeds if it was rejected.

Bastet was the Goddess of war and warriors, as well as defence, cats, medicine, fertility, music, and art.


“Our main aim is to create this half-fantasy, half-inspired-by-fact universe, which will serve as a canvas on which we can tell a hundred different kinds of stories if we want to.” However, if there is a secondary aim, it would be to put the Ancient Egyptian pantheon of gods into the mainstream of entertainment.There are countless books, TV shows, and video games dedicated to any aspect of the Greek and Roman pantheon, but Ancient Egypt seems to be constantly ignored. That’s something we’d like to improve.”

















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