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When we think of Disney, we think of talking animals, castles, princesses, enchanted realms, Disneyland, and everything else. That’s how we’ve always done it.

Those Disney animated films charmed us as children and provided us with role models to emulate, dress up as, and adore. Disney effectively took up a significant portion of our childhood.

Even now as adults, we still look back to those Disney movies that we so dearly loved before with so much fondness. Now that we’re not so innocent and sheltered by our parents anymore though, we can notice a lot more details in those movies.

Oh, and we can warn you right now that not all of those details are quite as kid-friendly as we had hoped. Some of these are quite disturbing.

We’re not sure if Disney executives just let it slip or if it was their method of exposing youngsters to the world’s evils, but watching it as adults has become a lot less entertaining. It’s as though everything we cherished as children is being ripped apart, much like what maturity has done to us.

It also makes us question how we could have missed it previously. Continue scrolling to see those moments. Disney went a little too far with this one.

1. The ending of Clayton and Tarzan’s fight where Clayton fell and got hanged by the vines

2. When Bing Bong sacrificed himself in ‘Inside Out’ so Joy could save Riley

3. The part in Atlantis where Captain Rourke got crystalized and then chopped up by a helicopter

4. The part in Toy Story where Woody felt pain when Sid burned him meaning that all the other toys Sid dismembered and then reassembled back again felt all that torturous pain

5. When Mother Gothel literally kidnapped an innocent baby (Rapunzel) and locked her up in a tower just because she wanted to stay young forever

6. When Cinderella’s step sisters were tearing her dress to shreds while she was wearing it and her stepmother just stood there watching and smirking

7. That part in Bambi where the mother and son was just enjoying a nice meal and then three minutes later, Bambi’s mom is murdered

8. That moment when you realize that Mufasa was the only male lion in their pride making him Nala’s father too and making Nala and Simba related

9. That moment in Toy Story 3 where everyone snuck into a furnace and when they realized there was no way out, they just accepted their fate together

10. When Charles Muntz tied Russell to a chair and opened the blimp door leaving him to almost fall to his death

11. The part in Pinocchio where all the naughty boys on Pleasure Island were turned into donkeys to be sold into slave labor

12. When Cruella de Vil wanted to kill and skin hundreds of innocent Dalmatian puppies just for one fur coat

13. That part where Jafar used his wish to essentially make Jasmine his sex slave

14. When Frollo groped Esmeralda, sniffed her hair, and told her he imagined a rope around her neck like it wasn’t sexual harassmen at all

15. When people separated Dumbo’s mom from him just because she was trying to protect her baby

16. When the evil queen in Snow White not only hired someone to kill her stepdaughter but also bring back her heart as proof that she’s dead

17. The fact that Jasmine was only 15 when she was expected to marry within the year

18. The part in ‘The Princess and the Frog’ where Dr. Facilier was literally dragged to hell by the voodoo demons

19. When Tadashi was freaking blown up in Big Hero 6

20. When Mulan’s real gender was revealed and they planned to execute her even after she saved them from the Huns

21. When Scar threw Mufasa off the cliff and convinced Simba, a kid, that he was the one who caused his father’s death

Looking back on these events now, we can see how some of them would have damaged us as children if we hadn’t been so naive at the time. Even as adults, we find some of these to be quite distressing.

After all, Disney isn’t exactly kid-friendly. But why isn’t that surprising to us?

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