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It all started with a fairly benign strip, Brutus and Pixie. A cat and a dog have an unusual friendship. He is completely unaware of the critical and dangerous situations that surround him.

Brutus, on the other hand, is a large, scarred German Shepherd. Brutus is similar to Pixie in some aspects. Something caught their attention. He’s a tough military dog, but he has a soft spot for pixie and will go to great lengths to protect her from the harsh truths of life. Ben had no intention of making his travels into a series, but his followers (and the majority of the internet) thought it would be a shame not to. We just have to keep going because Ben’s stories are spreading and new ones are developing.

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Disguies(1st comic)

I spy (2nd comic)

Monster (3rd comic)

Changing (4th comic)

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