Animal comics by a Simpsons illustrator (17 New Comics)


Animal-themed comics that are adorable. Liz Climo is a Los Angeles-based cartoonist for The Simpsons. She spends her time illustrating her own works when she is not drawing Homer and his family.

Liz creates a comic strip called “The Little World of Liz Climo” ( The Little World of Liz Climo ), in which the protagonists are a collection of strange animals.

Bears, penguins, rabbits, sharks, and any other animal that comes to mind appear in the most amusing animal scenes, all of which are done in a lighthearted tone. The film’s central theme is friendship, and all of the characters struggle to reconcile their animal rationality with their human emotions.

On a weekly basis, these vignettes are shared on their Facebook page, Twitter, and other social media outlets. In addition, a collection book featuring all of these comic strips, as well as a few others, will be published in the near future (for the time being only in the United States). Naturally, it will be written in perfect English, giving you an excuse to brush up on your language skills.

#1 Cautious penguin is worth two

#2 The perfect plan

#3 And you, what color do you see the dress?

#4 Friends are here to help

#5 Although some do not think too much of others

#6 We all have a friend with long arms

#7 Or one who does gymnastics

#8 Survival techniques

#9 Digestion must always be respected, whether you are a person or an orca

#10 The future is the color that you paint it

#11 Small gestures

#12 Like father…

#13 Overwhelming reasoning

#14 Google, making parents wiser since 1998

#15 That’s what Friends Are For

#16 And for this too

#17 Sometimes appearances can be deceiving