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Canine suckers find it difficult to understand why somebody would wish to injure an innocent creature for no reason. Some people are cruel, and their actions have no rational explanation. This is the story of Spencer, a sad dog that was subjected to a lot of abuse during his first few years on this planet.

Spencer is a nice Doberman who was found on the side of the freeway in South Carolina after being hit by a car. He was roaming along the side of the road looking for anything to eat when he was discovered.

Spencer was rescued and transferred to Paws and Claws, a warhorse sanctuary in Columbia, South Carolina. The warhorse’s staff could see Spencer’s members incontinently. He had a fractured back from the car accident, which had most likely passed him by.

The staff members also noticed that he had a bad observance crop job, which could easily be done from home. He also had X-rays taken, which revealed a clump of incredibly sharp raspberry bones caught in his stomach. These were meant to rip up his stomach! He also had rips on his head and legs that needed suturing!

Spencer had been easily abused and managed to run, or someone had abandoned him on the side of the road, leaving him to fend for himself and try to survive on his own. With the help of the VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina, they learned some exciting news. Spencer would be alright because he was so little.

He was on his way to relearning how to walk on his own after his reversal surgery went well. The stagers also noted that the bones in his stomach were beginning to pass on their own. The effects seemed to be on the right track.

He is presently recovering with the support of kind staff members and physical therapy. He’s moving at a breakneck speed! He started walking with full support and, before they knew it, he was walking without the use of a sling. He’s reverted to his previous tone and is already walking unassisted! “He’s a fantastic dog who is young, happy, and otherwise healthy. He is prepared to live a wonderful life.”

Update Spencer has finally found his forever home!It’s no surprise that this strong canine has a large family, including canine siblings! Make sure to follow him on Facebook because his parents are always up to date.

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