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Source: One Fairy Fail

Consider a world without phones or computers; most of us can’t imagine going a day without them. Have you ever imagined yourself in a Disney movie like Beauty And The Beast or Tangled, where technology isn’t present? Yes, they lived fantastic fantasy-filled lives, but imagine these magical regions with technology that we couldn’t imagine not having.

Thankfully, we don’t have to speculate since One Fairy Fail, a talented artist, has created a series called “Phone Fairy Fails,” which portrays what might happen if Disney characters had phones and other technologies. I’m getting amazing modern-day relationship vibes from Li Shang playing video games while Mulan is visibly unhappy, and it’s insanely funny! Belle and Snow White got some hilariously clever texts that made me laugh out loud!

Continue scrolling to view more of One Fairy Fail’s amusing works, and don’t forget to tell us which one most impresses you in the comments!

#1 No one can resist the power of Tik Tok

#2 Oh no, I guess Snow White will have a lot to explain

#3 You’re already gorgeous, Elsa!

#4 I’m shocking… Why her?

#5 We all love online shopping!

#6 The most haunting song of the parents

#7 A photo booth in the ocean? Count me in!

#8 Wait, Gaston is gay?

#9 Bad news for Belle

#10 Heartbroken club has a new member

#11 Watch out, Li Shang! You don’t want that Play Station to be ruined by Mulan

#12 Rapunzel’s new obsession: jamming music all day long

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