Posted on: May 13, 2022 Posted by: Sohail Akhtar Comments: 0

Both the original cartoon and the remake of The Lion King are beloved by many. To bring the animal personas closer to us, human qualities and behavioural patterns are given to them. But what if the animals were treated with even greater compassion? Not only their characteristics, but also their physical appearance?

Marco Bernard, a Los Angeles-based freelance illustrator, did more than ponder. He gave the characters from The Lion King a new twist, making them look more human, inspired by series like TeleSpin and Beastars.

During the pandemic lockdowns, he began work on “Lion King: Pride Land Characters,” and the results are fantastic.

1. Shenzi

2. Mufasa

3. Timon And Pumbaa

4. Rafiki

5. Kiara

6. Kovu

7. Baby Simba

8. Kiara And Kovu

9. Simba And Nala

10. Scar

11. Vitani

12. Simba

13. Zira

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