‘Dinos And Comics’ has released 20 new relatable comics on mental health.

Dinos And Comics is a webcomic about dinosaurs that deals with different mental health problems, created by a Finnish writer named James and a Canadian artist named K. If you’re wondering why the makers chose dinosaurs, they said in a recent interview with Bored Panda that it’s only because they look cool.According to the musicians, acclimating to life with mental health problems is a natural occurrence. “You have a difficult time before you find out, and once you are identified, you will (hopefully) get the help you need to make things a little easier, but it will always be a part of your life,” James and K said. And now that it’s been confirmed, you think about it more, try to comprehend it, and reason about it.They claim that the dinosaurs in their comics are mostly targeted at their friends and loved ones because, while drugs can be beneficial, it is the encouragement of those around you that can benefit you to a large extent.

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I can’t tell you how much your comics speak to me, and I adore your work.


I’m referring to the fact that dreams are adventures.


This is why I’m putting it off.


I like how this page isn’t excessively optimistic or pessimistic.


This reality makes my head hurt.


Self-care is important. We can’t afford for things to improve in society. We must look after ourselves and our emotional well-being.


I’ve been in bed for 15 hours and haven’t had any sleep.


Beautiful and true, beautiful and true, beautiful and true, beautiful and true, beautiful and true, beautiful and true, beautiful This is so real. and it’s so lovely.





I noticed there are two pride flags here.


Tortoise and dinosaurs