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It’s simple to see why Disney is such a household name in the entertainment industry. The animators and filmmakers put forth a lot of effort and attention to detail. The movies’ animation and visual effects ensure the audience’s visual experience, thoroughly compelling them. Many Disney films also have a sizable adult audience.

As a major Disney fan, these minor nuances in Disney movies always amaze me. The point is that even though I’ve seen these movies several times, I didn’t notice them. The design and needlework of Elsa’s gown in “Frozen,” the Bucks on dollar bills in “Zootopia” — aren’t these things enough to wow you?Don’t worry if you missed these details; this post is for you. We’ve gathered a bunch of them from different Disney situations. Scroll down and have fun!

#1“Frozen II”: Look closely at the characters’ eyes to observe how their reflections are shown.

Source: Frozen II / Walt Disney Animation Studio

“The Princess and The Frog”: Can you see the painting in the background? Look how the shadow reflects the character.

Source: The Princess and the Frog / Walt Disney Animation Studios

3 Notice the Bucks on dollar bills in “Zootopia”

Source: Zootopia / Walt Disney Animation Studio

4 Crosswalks in “Zootopia” film are painted with zebra stripes.

Source: Zootopia / Walt Disney Animation Studios

5 The stitching and texture of the clothes are all clearly visible in “Frozen II

Source: Frozen II / Walt Disney Animation Studios

Just take a look at Elsa’s gown, what a stunning piece of artwork.

Source: Frozen II / Walt Disney Animation Studios

6 When Maui transforms into a half-man, half-shark in “Moana”, so does the tattoo of himself.

Source: Moana / Walt Disney Animation Studios

7 Gargoyles in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” are stained by water.

Source: The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Walt Disney Animation Studio

“Big Hero 6” is set in San FranTokyo, a fictional city. A fusion of the Golden Gate Bridge and a traditional Japanese torii can be seen on the bridge

Source: Big Hero 6 / Walt Disney Studio

9 In “Aladdin”, the vendor slaps her hand on the table after Jasmine grabs an apple. The table is covered with cut marks that mean he’s used to catching people stealing fruit.

Source: Aladdin / Walt Disney Animation Studios

10 During the interrogation scene in Tangled, you can see Rapunzel’s reflection in Flynn’s eyes.

Source: Tangled / Walt Disney Animation Studios

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