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Disney characters are shown in a variety of ways, and it’s very possible that you never expected to see them as dogs. Jocelyn Combe, a freelance illustrator, LOTR and Disney enthusiast, has made it happen anyway.

Known online as Sapphire Creations or Combe’s SapphireGamgee gallery of commissioned works is outstanding. Her artistic abilities are outstanding. “Jocelyn presently juggles various art-related tasks online and in the greater Los Angeles area,” she says, adding that she aspires to one day earn enough money from her commissions to buy a large, inflatable dragon and a yard to place it in.

She reimagined Disney princesses as dogs in this fascinating series, and each dog breed appears to have been picked with care and meaning. At the very least, it’s difficult not to notice the connection between each Disney character and the dog breed chosen.

You, as Disney fans, have the last say. Do you believe the Disney princesses picked represent these dog breeds the best, or would you pick someone else?

1. Jasmine – Afghan Hound

2. Megara – Bedlington Terrier

3. Belle – Collie

4. Princess Aurora – Irish Setter

5. Pocahontas – Saarloos Wolfhound

6. Kida – Komondor

7. Ariel – Poodle

8. Mulan – Lowchen

9. Esmeralda – Irish Water Spaniel

10. Jane – Fox Terrier

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