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Because of their tenderness, lovely dreams, and journeys conquering bliss, Disney’s iconic animated flicks with the prince-princess motif always create strong imprints on audiences. Despite being based on true events or stories, Disney’s fairy tales contain several inaccuracies about both the setting and the era. For example, Hercules did not come from a flawless household, and Aladdin’s dream was unattainable in his day.

Perhaps Disney directors seek to produce more fairy-tale plots or make spectators more sympathetic to the characters’ situation to explain these inconsistencies. It is evident that Disney’s sacrifice in re-editing these historical events has resulted in considerably greater popularity for Disney films.

Don’t hesitate to explore these fascinating facts and let us know which detail surprises you the most!

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

#1 Hercules doesn’t have a happy family

#2 In Greek mythology, it was Hercules who killed Megara and their children

#3 According to history, lemurs and dinosaurs did not exist in the same era

#4 Jasmine’s costume doesn’t match Aladdin’s period

#5 People couldn’t change their social status in Aladdin’s time.

6 Tiana shouldn’t dream of marrying Naveen or opening a restaurant.

7 Felipe’s hand touching Aurora’s waist while dancing is considered an act of rudeness.

#8 Swords were not normally used in the age of Frozen

#9 Coelacanth appeared in Atlantis: The Lost Empire for a reason.

#10 Pocahontas and John Smith were not in love.

#11 Mulan received the support of his family when she decided to join the army

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