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There’s a popular belief that dogs and UPS drivers don’t get along, but if the storey in the video below is any indicator, that belief is simply false. Katie Newhouser is a UPS delivery driver with over fifteen years of experience. She’s certainly met more dogs than she can remember during her long career, but there’s just one dog who has managed to win a very special place in her heart.

“As soon as I pulled into the condo complex, he’d start barking,” Katie posted on Facebook. “Whenever I came to a stop, he would climb into my truck.”

Katie met Leo at a location where she visits at least once a month. Tina, Leo’s owner, was a lovely lady who had kept the dog since he was a small puppy. Tina and Leo had an exceptionally tight relationship, as you might expect, and Katie could see it. However, while visiting Leo one day, Katie learned that Tina had unexpectedly gone away while she was on vacation. The dog was left in the care of her son, who was a Marine.But because of his busy schedule, he was unable to offer Leo the kind of love and attention he had got used to.

As a result, Katie contacted the son and asked if he would consider giving the dog to her, as she and Leo had grown close over the years. Katie felt Leo would fit right in, even though she already had six dogs in her care. They’ve all become one big happy family now.

“It was certainly confusing for him at first,” she continued, “but he has adjusted well.” “His brother Moose and he are inseparable.” Bailey, his sister, took a while to warm up, but they’re currently playing… When Leo came into the house, the whole atmosphere shifted.”

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