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Various artists offer their favourite fictional pairings, as if their narrative had gone past the conclusion we were given. Many of us may undoubtedly relate to being so engrossed in a story that we fantasise about it expanding beyond what we were given.

‘Frozen 2’ is perhaps the easiest to fantasise about right now. Kristoff and Anna with their children, and Elsa as an aunt Is it true that Elsa never found ‘true love’? Or was she more like Merida, content to be alone? These are the crucial inquiries!

It’s no surprise, then, that artists have created their own ideas and brought them to life with their fingertips.

Up first, Frozen.



The famous Frozen couple made a gorgeous little family!And Elsa seemed to be having a good time as an auntie!

Second up, Harry Potter. Ron and Hermione. Swoon!

TwiggyMcBones‘ fan drawing accurately captures Ron and Hermione’s hands being completely filled with Rose and Hugo.

Thirdly, famous Hercules

When you consider Hercules’ tale throughout Greek mythology, their family image appears to be uneasy. But it’s still stunning!

Next up, The Legend Of Zelda.

Tetra and Link appear to be fantastic parents! In her thoughts, BeagleTsuin saw them with their children, Finn and Shelli. She perfectly expressed them.

Then we have, Adventure Time

Even though Finn and Fire Princess aren’t together right now, we can hope that they’ll make it work in the end, because Triksata and Jackie-lyn are such adorable children!

Last but not least, we have Beauty and the Beast.

The Beast transforms back into Prince Adam in the last scene of Beauty and the Beast. BUT, if he hadn’t, this would be a rather realistic representation of Belle and his children! Even in small Chip, the artist wrote!

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