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Disney has been known around the world for its amazing films for decades. We all enjoy the intriguing plots and outstanding animation, as well as the Easter eggs hidden throughout their films.

Hidden details, it’s true, have a lot of magical power and can capture the audience’s attention. Because once you’ve discovered one of these Easter eggs, you’ll be so pleased with yourself that you’ll want to hunt for more. Even if it’s tough to detect these minute things, nothing can stop certain keen Disney fans from doing so.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of minor mysteries and surprises in Disney films that you’re likely to have missed. Disney-fueled investigators, scroll down to see them! If you know of any other Easter eggs that aren’t on this list, please let us know in the comments section below.

#1 Dr. Facilier’s shadow would transform into a skull and crossbones in “The Princess and the Frog.”

#2 Carl seemed square because he was wired and confined to his dwelling.

#3 But as a child, Carl looked more round because he was youthful and ready for new adventures.

#4 In “Aladdin”, the Genie sang “Well, Ali Baba had them forty thieves, Scheherazade had a thousand tales.”

#5 The Genie wrote from right to left, as Arabic is written.

#6 In “Big Hero 6”, Honey Lemon’s pure had periodic table buttons on it

#7 In “Moana” there’s a word-play when Hei-Hei meets Maui (The Rock voiced)

#8 The address on the business card in “Monsters University” is Pixar’s Animation Studio’s real address.

#9 Jessie from “Toy Story” and the Pixar ball may be seen in “Monsters, Inc.”

#10 In “Cars,” the mountains look like antique and vintage automobiles.

#11 And the clouds are also formed like tire tracks

#12 In “Toy Story”, the books behind Andy are earlier Pixar shorts.

#13 In the opening credits of “Toy Story 2,” there is a Pixar lamp constellation

#14 Mulan’s songs were played for the first half of the film before the village was destroyed to give the film a darker tone.

#15 Joy’s character in “Inside Out” is the source of light since she does not have a shadow.

#16 In “Zootopia,” Nick saved his scout uniform handkerchief.

#17 And Judy has animal pun-themed musicians on her iPod

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