In 14 illustrations by Tati Moon, famous cartoon characters appear to be modern-day grown-ups (New Pics)

We think it’s safe to say that most of us, regardless of where we are now, had our fair share of favourite cartoon characters when we were kids. Every day, hundreds of new cartoons air throughout the world, but some of the older ones have a particular place in our hearts. Some cartoons are so popular that they appeal to multiple generations.

Tati MoonS is a self-taught digital artist from Spain, and we’d like to present her to you today. Tati transforms our favourite cartoon characters into semi-realistic representations of themselves, including classic Disney characters and even Winx Club and Adventure Time characters.

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#1 Princess Bubblegum and Marceline Adventure Time is a show that airs on Nickelode

Tatiana is a self-taught Spanish artist whose full name is Tatiana. The digital artist provides a more detailed response to the question on her own website “Yes, I’m self-taught; I’m learning from Youtube videos, tutorials, and time-lapses, as well as looking at other artists’ work to see how they paint. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t go art school! It was just not my cup of tea.”

#2 Vanellope From Wreck-It Ralph

#3 Tiana From The Princess And The Frog

Tatiana’s art is truly distinctive, but the digital artist prefers to keep things simple when it comes to the technical side of things. Tatiana answers her most frequently asked questions on her website. One of them inquired about the mediums she employs in her work.

“A Wacom Intuos Art and Paint Tool Sai 2 is what I use. Brushes are the ones that come pre-installed.”

#4 Evil Queen From Snow White

#5 Stella From Winx Club

#6 Snow White


#7 Musa From Winx Club

#8 Aisha From Winx Club


#9 Bloom From Winx Club

#10 Princess Bubblegun From Adventure Time

#11 Tecna From Winx Club

#12 Flora From Winx Club


#13 Lagoona Blue From Wiki Monster High


#14 Clawdeen Wolf From Monster High