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Disney’s beautiful princesses have always motivated many young girls to be better versions of themselves and to fight for what they believe in. However, there are a slew of Disney-inspired works out there that misinterpret the genuine story and, as a result, create perplexing items that could harm our naive, innocent children.

A father from Minnesota was fed up with all the cooking and cleaning in his two daughters’ Disney books and decided to change the plot himself to remove the superfluous gender stereotypes. He filmed the entire operation and published it on Tiktok, and the dedicated father instantly went viral as a result.

His brand new stories, as hilarious as they are, elicit diverse reactions, and not everyone wants to agree with him. While some believe his ideas are actually excellent, others believe he is simply indoctrinating his children and that there is nothing wrong with baking and giving. So, which side are you on? Scroll down to see some unique editions, and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

#1. Sorry Prince Naveen, do it yourself next time.

#2. Kudos to Cinderella. She is braver and stronger than ever!

#3. Good job, Doc!

#4. It is not a woman’s job to stroke a man’s ego, right?

#5. Merida is a fantastic role model.

#6. It’s important to normalize all forms of love that are consensual.

#7. Flynn Rider’s pie is the best too!

#8. Well, good for Ariel

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