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It’s Halloween season! Are you all set? Actually, you aren’t the only one who is looking forward to Halloween; our favourite Disney princesses are presently trying on a variety of terrifying outfits as well! Have you ever thought how those sweet, loving ladies would dress up as horror movie characters on this important occasion? If you’re having trouble visualising, Russian artist Anastasia Kosyanova is here to help.

All of Disney’s female heroines appear to be a little bit horrific in Anastasia’s artworks, from Cinderella sitting on a creepy pumpkin to Rapunzel donning a tattered wedding gown to cosplay Emily the Corpse Bride, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their appeal. Even in such terrifying clothes, they manage to appear absolutely beautiful.

Let’s not waste any more time and scroll down to see these incredible works of art. We are confident that you will be ecstatic!

#1. Anna as Annabell

#2. Cruella De Vil as Morticia Addams

#3. Snow White as the Squid Game Doll

#4. Ariel as IT

#5. Tiana as Freddy Krueger

#6. Rapunzel as Corpse Bride

#7. Cinderella as Zombie

#8. Merida as Chucky

#9. Mulan as Samara Morgan

#10. Aurora as Scarecrow

#11. Belle as Werewolf

#12. Pocahontas as “Saw

#13. Snow White as Dracula

#14. Esméralda as “Scream”

#15. Jasmine as La Calavera de la Catrina

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