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Some people believe that you don’t need a medal to be a champion, but no one knows that better than this rescued Jack Russell terrier. Everyone should meet Olly, a very lovely puppy that has won the hearts of people all over the world with his amazing dog show flop.


Olly and his handler Karen from Hertfordshire, UK, intended to compete at Crufts, one of the world’s largest dog shows, but the lively Jack Russell terrier’s plans did not go as planned. Olly was just the contrary, removing the barriers one by one to the delight of the spectators, despite the high-demanding event requiring some remarkable abilities and accuracy. Even though Karen had made every effort to guide Olly, her efforts were in futile because Olly’s purpose appeared to be to fail rather than pass through the difficulties.


The amusing puppy began his performance with such vigour that you may have believed there would be no stopping him. And he kept it that way for the duration of the show. However, we must concede that he had some speed and stamina, but he was sloppy when it came to accuracy.

Olly’s humorous routine eventually earned him a celebrity. He may have bombed the show spectacularly, but he instead became an internet star. Olly’s show made everyone chuckle, including the announcer, who summed up his performance brilliantly. “What a nose dive!” exclaimed the announcer. “Olly is really insane; as you can see, he’s having a great time. “Enjoys life and physical activity.”

Watch Olly’s epic show, here:

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