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Sloths are incredibly fascinating animals. It’s nearly impossible not to be attracted by these adorable creatures’ seemingly happy expressions. As an example, Japanese artist Keigo has developed a series of amusing sloth illustrations. You’re all aware that sloths are renowned for their ability to take things slowly. Slowly, in fact. Imagine what might happen if sloths lived in the same world as humans. So, have a look at Keigo’s work and find out for yourself. They’re both heartbreaking and amusing in equal measure!

But, before we mock these sloths’ humorous characteristics, here are some interesting facts about them. Despite their clumsiness on land, sloths are excellent swimmers. They also only sleep for around ten hours every day, contrary to popular assumption. That one undoubtedly caught you off guard.

Sloths, on the other hand, have very little energy because their diet consists largely of leaves. This is the primary reason for their sluggish movements. But it’s the fact that sloths can live up to 40 years that really stands out. Sloths are full of surprises, to say the least. It’s easy to see why Keigo is so enamoured with these charming critters.

Using the sloth as the main character, I am interested in how to visualize the concept of “time” in a single piece of art.”

Keigo’s illustrations are typically made up of personified animals, which lends a sense of humour to his work. Aside from sloths, the artist enjoys depicting other animals with distinctive features. Giraffes with long necks and crocodiles with long snouts, for example. He then cleverly concocts real-life conundrums that these creatures face as a result of their physical characteristics. Perhaps they, too, had similar experiences in their own universes. We’ll never know for sure.

Keigo’s Instagram handle, K5fuwa, currently has over 930,000 followers. He’s even earned a name for himself on the international stage. Despite this, he regards himself as “an ordinary office worker who lives an everyday life with his wife and daughter.” And, he claims, he intends to continue painting funny animal photos until his wife begs him to stop. The illustrator also discussed how social media has aided him in the promotion of his work.

Keigo has successfully published his book in three countries in Asia. His next goal is to publish one in the United States soon.

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