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The majority of Disney animated films are set in the mediaeval period, when most of the world’s countries were still ruled by kings or witches. As a result, the actions of Disney characters are not governed by a legal system, but rather by the intentions of the screenwriters. These behaviours can be irrational at times, but that’s how Disney animation works.

Paul Westover, a gifted illustrator, once wondered how these lovely films might turn out if the Disney universe’s officers followed the law. Soon after, he teamed up with College Humor and created funny fanart of cops intruding in Disney classics. These illustrations will entirely transform the plot of Disney flicks in a hilarious way that you could never have imagined.

Scroll down to see these amusing sketches and let yourself be entertained after a long day at work!

#1 Sleeping Beauty

#2 Pinocchio

Geppetto appears to be in serious difficulty. He’d best come up with a solid justification or the cops might prosecute him with child abduction.

#3 Tangled

I believe Rapunzel will be found soon, and she will not have to spend her childhood in the tower as she did in the movie, thanks to the police’s exceptional investigative skills.

#4 Beauty and the Beast

We won’t get to watch Belle and the Beast’s love story because the police would never put an innocent person in danger.

#5 The Lion King

#6 Cinderella

The stepmother could not have abused Cinderella like that if Child Protective Services had been present.

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