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Have you ever imagined yourself growing up surrounded by cartoon characters, engrossed in fascinating adventures, and discovering your own princess like the beautiful princesses? You may spend hours staring at the television screen, envisioning cartoon characters coming to life.

Samuel MB continues to reveal more amazing photos based on a dream he had since he was a child. This artist is pursuing his passion of bringing Disney characters to life, a dream shared by many Disney enthusiasts. He went on vacation, celebrated his birthday, and went on a weekend break with his “friends,” including Belle, the Beast, and Mulan, Simba, Hercules, and others, in this sequence of images. And these visuals continue to astonish Disney fans by appearing so “natural” and amusing.

Source: Samuel MB

#1 A lovely salon at home!

#2 Let’s play some traditional games

#3 Team problems always get better when we do together

4 Who do you think makes the best face?

5 It is time to rest and enjoy the summer holidays

6 Cats and their ability to soften anyone’s heart

7 Who prepared that meal?

8 Happy weekend

9 Who is Masterchef?

10 We all have a friend who thinks he sings well. But no, he doesn’t.

11 When your friends cheat you

#12 Who hasn’t gotten into a fight with their brother/sister before?

13 When the storm catches you without an umbrella

14 What a good racer on the street!

15 Simba, you have to learn to share.

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