The Far Side 20 Comics That Will Instantly Improve Your Mood

Everyone has a reason for being in this planet. There is no purpose for anything to exist. Even meeting someone you don’t know isn’t a coincidence; there’s a reason for everything. Someone who has no goals or dreams, on the other hand, is useless. Their lives have no purpose for them. You come to life when you dream. You’re only pretending to be alive if you don’t have any dreams to chase.

Nothing compares to the exhilaration of finally arriving at the place for which you have been striving your entire life. That sensation of accomplishment when you’ve finally made it. The tears of joy would be dripping down your cheeks. Now you’ll go back in time to remember all of your hard work, which has finally paid off.

We’re going to meet one of these hardworking and inspirational individuals who has risen to a new level of accomplishment. Gary Larson is the artist in question. Gary is the creator of the well-known comic strip The Far Side. Gary used to create surrealistic humour comics that relate to individuals by researching his surroundings, social situations, and current events.

For 1985 and 1988, Gary received the Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award. The Far Side, on the other hand, won the Webby People’s Voice Award for Humor in the category Web in 2020. Gary had known since boyhood what he was meant to do, and he did it.

We’ve gathered a compilation of some of his most well-known dark humour comics that will undoubtedly brighten your day.

Credit : The Far Side