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Disney frequently has their princes and princesses meet and live together for the rest of their lives. They usually come as each other’s first love and marry at an early age. So, what will happen if these characters try to discover the most acceptable candidate?

If Disney princes and princesses had more dates, they might end up with someone who isn’t their first choice. Let’s see how many new couples we can squeeze in!

#1 Ariel and Philip

In Ariel’s dream, Philip is the ideal human prince because he is romantic and courageous. He’s also a good dancer, which Ariel appreciates because she enjoys it so much. More significantly, he can overcome any obstacle for real love, just as she can!

#2 Belle and Kristoff

Both Belle and Kristoff have dreams and sentiments that the people around them don’t understand. They have their own viewpoints and are adamant about defending them. As a result, the connection will work since no one takes commands from others. They also all have golden hearts and see the best in others.

#3 Jasmine and Flynn Rider

Jasmine is looking for excitement, which Flynn, a legendary thief, can provide. Flynn is looking for a bit of opulence, which Jasmine, as a princess, can supply.

#4 Pocahontas and The Beast

Pocahontas, who always sees the good in others, would have recognised the Beast’s inept love much sooner than Belle. They also appear to have the same hunting or forest-walking routines as humans.

#5 Snow White and Prince Charming

Snow White is a sensitive young lady who empathises easily with others, but Prince Charming is prone to falling in love at first sight.

#6 Tiana and Li Shang

Tiana and Li Shang are the most career-oriented Disney characters. They would understand each other’s job obligations because they both work hard and honourably.

#7 Rapunzel and Aladdin

Rapunzel has been imprisoned in a tower for 18 years, so she’ll need a magic carpet and a cunning boy like Aladdin to rescue her!

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