These Drawings Demonstrate How Adorable Men Can Be When They Have a Daughter

If the hairdresser is his small daughter, even the most masculine and serious father can have a fashionable hairstyle with cute pink bows. Soosh depicts the profound affection of parents for their daughters in her artworks. She posts watercolours on Instagram and videos of her painting process on her YouTube channel. We chose to compile the latest illustrations of the outstanding artist in this piece in anticipation of the release of her first book.

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#1 Each daughter thinks her father is the most attractive.

#2 When we do things jointly, it becomes more interesting.

#3 Dad is more powerful than the sun.

“Last weekend, I was at the beach and noticed this dedicated father sitting in the sun in an uncomfortable position, with his children asleep in his shade,” the artist stated. Before his wife arrived and roused the children up, he moved twice with the sun, and they all went swimming before leaving the beach.

#4 But he, too, needs his daughter’s help from time to time.

#5 There’s nothing a father can’t learn to help his daughter with.

#6 Dad makes very practical decisions. It’s also amusing.

#7 Dad demonstrates what he preaches.

#8 Even in regular life, there is magic.

#9 Dad will always look for you.

#10 He’ll always be there for you.

#11 I’m all set to hug you.

#12 Take a vacation to Wonderland with your friends.

#13 And you’ll be introduced to a whole new universe.

#14 Different indicators abound in a house with a young daughter.

#15 And the memories that will live on in her heart forever.

#16 This is how love appears.

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