10 Adorable Comics By This Artist That Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like To Live With A Dog (New Pics)

The pug Mochi isn’t your ordinary pet. In all of his daily activities, the furbaby is the sweetest blub, whose life is full of excitement and joi de vivre (if we accept that doggos can feel this posh-sounding emotion as well). Indeed, it appears that Mochi’s main job is to be cute, which he does every day.

Gemma Gené’s comic series, which she is currently working on in New York, is also about a pug. Gemma’s lovely drawings of herself, the charming Mochi, and his two rescued siblings Huey and Duey have won the hearts of 338k followers on her Instagram page “157ofgemma.”

And it all began when Gemma began to miss her pug so much at work that she began scribbling cartoons of him on the subway. They were destined to become a hit among cartoon fans and dog lovers who find Gemma’s comics more than relatable, little did she know.

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To learn more about the creator of the charming Mochi comics, click here. She said she started posting comics on Instagram and was surprised at how many people connected with them. “Do you have cameras in your home because my dog does the exact same thing!” she clarified.

“It turns out that what I thought was so unique about Mochi is actually quite common in many dogs! We unintentionally created a thriving dog-loving culture that has grown over time.”

Gemma also confirmed that she has made an effort to post comics about their daily lives together on a regular basis. Her drawing style evolved over time as more characters were introduced, including Mochi and two new members of Gemma’s family. “The Twinchis, Mochi’s twin chihuahua brothers, or Mochi’s best friend Ben,” says the narrator.



According to the artist, her drawing skills have improved and her style has evolved. She used to only draw by hand to relax after a long day in front of the computer. Gemma has returned to her computer job. “I’ve been experimenting with colour for a while now. I occasionally do animations, which is a lot of fun for me.”

The year 2020 has posed its own set of challenges for Gemma and Mochi, just as it has for the rest of us. “Because I work from home, that didn’t change much. Mochi’s ability to run around freely and see his friends was only taken away when the parks started to close. Meanwhile, I stopped doing all of the things that Mochi and the Twinchis enjoyed doing outside the house.”