This Cat’s Reaction To Barking Dogs Is Hilarious And We Can All Relate

This is something I believe we can all relate to.

After all, who hasn’t returned home to find a cat yelling at dogs? Even if we don’t understand what they’re doing, the comic’s writer, Ben Hed, seems to know what he’s talking about.

I’m sure cats get irritated when dogs keep barking at mundane items. After all, cats are nocturnal beings that despise being awakened from their slumber. Dogs, in particular. So keep scrolling down to see what these cats are really thinking.

Source: Instagram

Dogs, as we all know, bark hysterically whenever they see… well, something.

And it’s understandable that everyone, even cats, can become irritated.

Do puppies, on the other hand, actually pay attention to anyone? Not at all.

And when they are yelled at, they have bird brains and forget within seconds.

Can you see what I’m talking about?

To be honest, I’m feeling the cat.

It may seem that I despise dogs, but this is not the case. I’m just being honest, and even though pets can make you clench your teeth at times, we still love them, so let us know what you think of this funny comic in the comments section below.

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