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This Couple Did A Newborn Photoshoot With Their Puppy After Getting Tired Of Being Asked About Babies

When Abby and Matt’s relatives inquired about their plans to start a family, they responded with a fantastic and humorous response. They had just picked up a puppy, Humphrey, with their dear friend and photographer Elisha Minette, when they got an idea for a spontaneous session with Humphrey as the “newborn” baby.

“Abby and I both work in the creative industry and have the craziest sense of humour,” Elisha told “We’re always coming up with funny and random ideas to have a laugh.”

Elisha noted, “We didn’t plan anything for the shoot; the three of us were just tossing around different ideas on the spot.” “It was a quick yet amusing shot that lasted about an hour.” Humphrey was a joy to photograph because he enjoyed the attention and, of course, the treats!”

“I photograph a variety of assignments, including newborns, so I’m familiar with typical infant shoots,” Elisha explained. “We had no intention of mocking new parents who shared images of their children; we simply wanted to demonstrate a different kind of newborn.”

We’re sure Abby and Matt’s family laughed as hard as we did at this charming and humorous introduction to the new “baby” in the family.

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