To Inspire You, Here Are 20 Delicious Animal Comics

Guy Kopsombut, a well-known artist best recognised for his work at 4AM Shower, creates comics that feature creatures in diverse situations. His entire depictions are brimming with happiness and optimism, making them excellent for starting your week off well!

As evidenced by his work in the comics, Kopsombut is a creative thinker. To preach love, peace, and positivity among his readers, he features lovely animals, depicts their relationships, and their discussions. We’ve gathered a few of his clean comics that will undoubtedly uplift you. Enjoy the ride by scrolling down!

Image Source : 4amshower







Despite having a degree in computer engineering, Kopsombut used his creative abilities to create a comic that can help anyone on the planet reduce their anxiety levels in everyday life. Kopsombut communicates with his fans, who message him their experiences for him to turn into comics, with the objective of sympathising and making his supporters feel that they are in good company in their blues. The common issues make us feel engaged and at ease with our own identities.





The goal is to create love and anticipation among followers all over the world, as evidenced by cute creature interactions. How does it feel to be apart from a family member or a friend? How may someone be able to aid us in achieving our goals? How might others deal with dread and pressure? How do we overcome the feeling that our lives are in shambles? In any case, we’re in excellent company.









Kopsombut has a 4amshower Instagram account where he posts all of his work. His dedication to the world of comics has not only garnered him fame, but also a fan base of 203K Instagram followers.