To Make Your Day, Check Out These Hilariously Beautiful Comics About “Pixie And Brutus” (3 Best Comics)

Pixie and Brutus are one of the most famous animal couples on the internet, and it’s easy to see why. The comic series was created by Ben Head and follows the lives of two friends, an adorable kitten, and a scary soldier dog you don’t want to cross. And, while their relationship can seem odd at first, it is precisely this quirkiness that adds to the fun of their adventures.Ben’s Pet Foolery Instagram page now has 2.4 million daily visitors who come to see his illustrated animal antics. Ben recently showed his other project, in which he reimagined and painted animals from Internet viral images. Ben Hed, who told us in an interview that the series hasn’t changed much since he began it.“I redesigned them a little and started throwing in a few older Pixie comics, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same old Pixie and Brutus..!

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1 Said Ben, This comic reminds me a little of my adolescent mindset. Until my sophomore year of high school, I truly believed that if I practised hard enough, I might make a D1 college basketball team, and then the NBA.The only problem was that I was never taller than 5’10 and wasn’t particularly gifted or competitive (in the older class, I could barely touch the rim). Of course, I had to face reality at some point. Looking back, it’s amusing, but it was awful at the time.I feel that the most important lesson I’ve learned from this chapter of my life is that there is a difference between optimism and illusion, just as there is a difference between pessimism and realism.

2 He’d be great at tug-of-war.

3 This is a deliciously nutritious dish.