What If ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ Was Really A Cat? Artist Creates Hilarious Comic

This is particularly for cat lovers!

Clifford the Big Red Dog, have you heard of him? For those of you who are unfamiliar, Clifford Red Big Dog is a children’s book series produced in the United States. Clifford, a large red whistle, is the subject of the storey. Norman Bridal reprinted the book in 1963.

However, we have something special in store for you (cat owners) today, and we must pardon dog owners. Have you ever wondered if Clifford the Red Big Dog is replaced by a giant cat if you’ve read the book series yourself or with your children? No way. Ben Hed, who is also known as “Pet Foolery” on Instagram and for making the comic “Pecky and Brutus,”decided to recreate the classic by substituting a cat for the puppy.

So now you’ll see Clifford the Red Big Cat instead of Clifford the Red Big Dog! Is it true that I’ve already sold? “Yes, we understand that you are now excited to read comics, so go ahead and see if the classics can still live up to people’s expectations!” Scroll down to find out more.

1 Also, the cover is lovely and entertaining!

2#Clifford is a mischievous cat who refuses to listen and will do whatever he wants.

3#Clifford recently hurled a large water tank from a house.

Cats are fascinating and wonderful animals. But, with that said, every cat owner is aware of how perfect and inquisitive their feline companions are about everything. Your laws will never be followed by them. Dealing with these mischievous little animals may be a nightmare, but it’s a lot of fun for us humans. Of course, the storey doesn’t end here, so we recommend that you keep scrolling all the way to the end.

4#Clifford was certainly brought home to a huge asshole!

5# Yes, be prepared to scratch your trees during a mass catfight.

6 #Clifford wanted to join the Capnip Company in order to cause mayhem