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Have you seen “The Emperor’s New Groove,” an animated film released in 2000? Throughout the 1990s, it was recognised as one of the best Disney pictures to compete with. This film has received positive reviews as well as a lot of success due to its interesting and humorous story. Because of Kuzco and Kronk’s deep bond, many fans continue to watch the film over and over. But hold on! Do you recall the name Yzma? Yes, the film’s antagonist.

We’re discussing Yzma because legendary artist Audre Schutte, also known as Charamath, had a brilliant idea for this character. Return to the release of “The Emperor’s New Groove.” It had a strong impression on Charamath and quickly became one of her favourite flicks. The first thing that sprang to mind for Audre when she thought of “The Emperor’s New Groove” was the villain, Yzma, who was not only humorous but also relevant to Charamath. With Yzma, she always felt empathy. As a result of her logical thought, she ended up sketching Yzma as a cameo in 30 well-known cartoons.

Each of her photographs tells a little narrative about Yzma that will likely make you laugh out loud. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got. We promise not to let you down!

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My Kronk Will Go On



Yzma Ursula






Sailor Moozma






Yzmine Genie

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