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Source: Esther Shen

Knowing about the Disney animation universe entails more than just watching movies or understanding about the films’ hidden mysteries for Disney enthusiasts. Many people appreciate seeing artworks in which the artist has redrawn the figures in a new style. Of course, those artists have long been among Disney’s most ardent fans!

Many artists have reimagined Disney characters in their own manner and with their own unique perspective. Those renditions, of course, are incredibly remarkable, and viewers are ecstatic to see their beloved characters in a new light. Esther Shen, a game graphic artist and Disney lover, published a series of stunning anime-inspired artworks about Disney characters. Having saying that, the illustrations wowed everyone!

To support this artist, follow her on Facebook and Deviant Art. For now, check out all of Esther’s 16 best works, and don’t forget to let us know which one you like best

#1 Frozen – Such a perfect family!

#2 Frozen – They both look stunning!

Brave – Another family picture makes you feel homesick

#4 Tangled – Love conquers all

#5 Princess And The Frog – Family is where your heart is

#6 The Little Mermaid – Her eyes are angelic

#7 Frozen – “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

#8 Beauty And The Beast – Belle is so fresh in this version

#9 Moana – The love Moana has for the ocean is sacred

#10 Frozen – The icy Queen!

#11 Frozen 2 – The fifth element

#12 Tangled – The unite of the family

#13 Frozen – Let it go

#14 Brave – The bravest and kindest soul

#15 Frozen – Queen Anna is so gorgeous

#16 The Little Mermaid – If Ursula was so handsome in the first place, no one would ever hate this evil octopus

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